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What Is My Transunion Credit Score

Why Are My Credit Scores Different

Why Your Credit Score Is Important | TransUnion

One reason on different websites is because lenders may not report to all three national credit reporting agencies . The information in your credit reports will largely overlap, but they may have slightly different information. So when your scores are calculated, there may be some minor variations depending on the report used.

Because there are different scoring models, you may also see different credit scores based on who is providing the score to you. Scoring models tend to focus on similar credit factors, but they may weigh their importance differently. For example, VantageScore indicates your credit mix is highly influential in their model. FICO states your credit mix amounts to about 10% of your FICO credit score.

Seeing a difference of a few points across different websites, apps or monitoring services may not be a cause for concern. But if you see a significant difference in your scores, its be a good idea to pull your credit reports to check for inconsistencies or signs of fraud.

What Is A Perfect Transunion Credit Score

Understanding credit score ranges A good score with TransUnion and VantageScore® 3.0 is between 720 and 780. As your score climbs through and above this range, you can benefit from the increased freedom and flexibility healthy credit brings. Some people want to achieve a score of 850, the highest credit score possible.

Transunion Credit Reports In A Nutshell

Regularly checking your credit report from one of the three major credit bureaus, including TransUnion, may be a helpful way to keep tabs on your credit.

And with , you can get email alerts whenever your TransUnion credit report changes. Even better, using CreditWise wonât hurt your credit scores.

We hope you found this helpful. Our content is not intended to provide legal, investment or financial advice or to indicate that a particular Capital One product or service is available or right for you. For specific advice about your unique circumstances, consider talking with a qualified professional.

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Your CreditWise score is calculated using the TransUnion® VantageScore® 3.0 model, which is one of many credit scoring models. It may not be the same model your lender uses, but it can be one accurate measure of your credit health. The availability of the CreditWise tool depends on our ability to obtain your credit history from TransUnion. Some monitoring and alerts may not be available to you if the information you enter at enrollment does not match the information in your credit file at one or more consumer reporting agencies.

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How Does Information Get On My Credit Report And Is It Updated On A Regular Basis

When you have an account with a lender, theyll typically submit account updates to at least one of the three major credit reporting agencies TransUnion, Equifax and Experian. Since lenders dont always report to all three agencies, the information on your credit reports may vary.

Its also important to note that lenders report at different times of the month, so you might see slight differences in your reports, and therefore your credit scores, at any given time.

How Often Should I Check My Fico Scores

What Is My Transunion Credit Score

Before getting a loan for a major purchase, such as a home, you should check all three of your FICO scores from each major credit bureau. is the only place where consumers can access all three FICO Scores based on Equifax, Experian and TransUnion data. Most lenders will look at all three FICO scores when evaluating your loan application. At that point, dont try to save a few dollars by buying the cheapest credit score you can find. Knowing your FICO scores can help you estimate what your monthly mortgage payments will look like and help you determine if you can truly afford a home.

We know credit scores can be confusing enough without having to figure out if youre buying a FICO score. Many credit scores even try to mimic the FICO score range so they look very similar to FICO scores. Remember that FICO scores always say FICO when describing the score. We hope this helps you make sense of your credit scoring options.


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Transunion Vs Equifax: How To Check Your Credit Scores

The credit history reflected on your credit reports and scores can directly affect your ability to get credit. It also impacts your cost of borrowing. In general, good credit scores can make it easier and cheaper to borrow than low credit scores. Since your credit history can change over time, its a good idea to monitor your credit regularly to stay on top of your overall credit health.

You can get a free copy of your credit reports from Equifax, Experian and TransUnion periodically by visiting You can also request your free credit reports from the specialty credit-reporting agencies at specified intervals.

And you can always check your credit scores anytime with a free Credit Karma membership, which provides free access to your Equifax and TransUnion credit reports and VantageScore 3.0® scores from both bureaus.

Monitoring your credit reports and scores from the major consumer credit bureaus on a regular basis can help you spot opportunities to improve your credit and better understand your borrowing potential. It can also help you spot suspicious activity on your financial accounts that could be a sign of identity theft. Finally, reviewing your reports can help ensure your credit profile contains accurate information, and help you catch and correct any errors that could be negatively affecting your credit.

Why Is There A Difference: Different Algorithms

So why is there a big difference between the Transunion vs Equifax scores?

Once you get over the shock factor comparing the two different credit scores, you may wonder why there is such a big difference between the Equifax and Transunion numbers. There are many reasons why the numbers between Equifax and Transunion may differ so much.

One of which is that they use different algorithms to calculate your credit score. Even then with the different algorithms, the variance between the two scores should be between 7-10% or even less. Therefore, there are other reasons why the numbers between Equifax and Transunion are different.

According to Pocket Sense, Equifax separates your credit inquiries to open and closed referrals. The closed inquiries will be less important and therefore they will affect the algorithm less so than the open inquiries. The results will be weighted. Equifax also uses an 81-month history instead 7 years to calculate the score. These are some of the reasons why there is such a big difference between Transunion vs Equifax scores.

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Regularly Read Your Report

Since your credit score is based off of the information in your credit report, take time to review your report regularly. You want to be sure everything is an accurate reflection of your financial story. As you become more comfortable reading and understanding the data in your report, the easier it is to identify which information is potentially causing changes in your credit score.

Now that you know whats a good credit score, take the next step. To better understand your credit report, check out our that breaks down each section and explains how the information may impact your credit score.

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How To Apply For A Transunion Statutory Credit Report

Equifax, TransUnion, Credit Karma, Borrowell: Should you trust your credit score? (Marketplace)

You have the legal right to request a free statutory copy of your TransUnion credit report at any time under General Data Protection Regulation law.

The TransUnion statutory report gives you all the information and financial history that makes up your credit file, plus a victim of fraud service, and allows you to use the TransUnion customer service. However, it does not contain your TransUnion credit rating or credit score.

You can get your TransUnion statutory credit report here. Alternatively you can get ongoing access to the premium version of your TransUnion credit report through Credit Karma.

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Get Your Credit Score

Your credit score comes from the information in your credit report. It shows how risky it would be for a lender to lend you money.

Learn more about how your credit score is calculated.

You can access your credit score online from Canadas 2 main credit bureaus.

Your credit score from Equifax is accessible online for free and is updated monthly. If you live in Quebec, you can also access your credit score from TransUnion online for free.

Other companies may also offer to provide your credit score for free. Some may ask you to sign up for a paid service to get your score.

What Is Transunion Credit Score Used For

Asked by: Demarco Lebsack

The score is one of many pieces of information the lender may use in evaluating your credit application. It gives lenders a fast and objective measurement in determining the risk in lending money to you. Because of credit scores, you might get a loan faster and the credit decision may be fairer.

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Why Your Credit Scores Differ

Your credit score may vary depending on whether Experian, TransUnion or Equifax is the source of the data used. Why?

  • Not all creditors report to all three credit bureaus. If you have two credit cards but one of those cards only reports to Experian, that cards payment information wont appear on your TransUnion or Equifax credit report.

Request Your Free Medical History Report

Credit Score Range Transunion ~ news word

You have the right to get one free copy of your medical history report, also known as your MIB consumer file, each year. You can request a copy for:

  • Someone else, as a legal guardian
  • Someone else, as an agent under power of attorney

You can request a medical history report online from MIB or by phone at 1-866-692-6901.

Not everyone has a medical history report. Even if you currently have an insurance plan, you wont have a report if:

  • You havent applied for insurance within the last seven years
  • Your insurance policy is through a group or employer policy
  • The insurance company isnt a member of MIB
  • You didnt give an insurer permission to submit your medical reports to MIB

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Transunion Vs Equifax: Why Your Scores May Differ

The main reason your TransUnion and Equifax scores may look different from one another is that the companies use different algorithms to compute your score.

On the other hand, some credit bureaus may collect information that the others dont. For example, Equifax is known to report longer credit histories for borrowers than TransUnion or Experian. Additionally, TransUnion may report your employment history and personal information to determine your creditworthiness, while Equifax and Experian may only report the name of your employer.

What Can Lenders See On Your Credit Report

Your creditreport provides a detailed summary of your credit history. It includes your personal information and lists details on your past and current credit accounts. It also documents each time you or a lender requests your credit report, as well as instances where your accounts have been passed on to a collection agency. Financial issues that are part of the public record, such as bankruptcies and foreclosures, are included, too.

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Why Does Transunion And Equifax Different

The credit bureaus may have different information. And a lender may report updates to different bureaus at different times. So, it’s possible that Equifax and TransUnion could have different credit information on your reports, which could lead to your TransUnion score differing from your Equifax score.

Where Can I Get My Free Fico Score

How to Check Your Transunion Credit Score for Free

You can get a free FICO score through Experian and with an account from certain banks and credit unions, including American Express, Bank of America and Wells Fargo. Some lenders, such as Discover, offer free FICO scores to non-account holders, too. Most free FICO scores are updated monthly, based on data pulled from the read full answermajor credit bureaus.

Here are some of the places where you can get a free FICO score:

When looking for a free credit score, remember to pay attention to the source you use. Choose a site that offers frequent updates and provides information on how your score is calculated. As long as its from a reputable source, it doesnt really matter whether youre checking a FICO score or a VantageScore.

WalletHub is a great place to check your score regularly since we provide free daily updates to your credit score and credit report and also tailor advice to your specific credit needs. All of these resources are available for free through your WalletHub account.

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Whats The Purpose Of My Credit Report

Your credit report shows your credit history and tells a story of your financial health and responsibility to potential lenders like credit card companies, banks, and often even landlords and cell phone companies. Credit reporting empowers you to participate in the credit economy and have potential offers of credit extended to you.

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Fixing Errors In A Credit Report

Anyone who denies you credit, housing, insurance, or a job because of a credit report must give you the name, address, and telephone number of the credit reporting agency that provided the report. Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act , you have the right to request a free report within 60 days if a company denies you credit based on the report.

You can get your credit report fixed if it contains inaccurate or incomplete information:

  • Contact both the credit reporting agency and the company that provided the information to the CRA.
  • Tell the CRA, in writing, what information you believe is inaccurate. Keep a copy of all correspondence.

Some companies may promise to repair or fix your credit for an upfront fee–but there is no way to remove negative information in your credit report if it is accurate.

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Why Is My Transunion Score Higher Than Fico

For example, lenders can choose to report to one, two or all three agencies. Because of this, the information in your reports can vary, which is partly why your scores can differ too. There are also many scoring models, and they may weigh certain information in your reports more heavily than other factors.

How To Improve Your Transunion Credit Score

Discover FICO Score 3

If youve been rejected for a loan, credit card or mortgage application because of a low credit score, there are steps you can take to improve it.

Be aware, it will take time for good financial behaviours to improve your score and rating.

  • Pay your bills on time and try to make as big of a payment as your financial situation allows to clear the debt faster.
  • Close any unused credit accounts as these could impact negatively on the lenders decision-making process.
  • Register on the electoral roll and make sure your current address is on your credit report. Lenders can be wary if you move home frequently.
  • Keep your credit utilisation ratio low by not maxing out your credit limit. So if you have a balance of £500 and a credit limit of £1,000, your credit utilisation ratio is 50%. A low credit utilisation ratio is preferable and shows that youre not using most of your available credit.
  • If you have no credit history at all, opening a may help build your score.
  • Check your credit report for errors. An administrative mistake could result in you wrongly being rejected for credit.

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Faqs About Experian Vs Transunion

Are TransUnion and Experian the same?

TransUnion and Experian are two different credit bureaus. Although they may gather some of the same information about you, they are different companies.

Should you get your credit report from Equifax, TransUnion or Experian?

Your credit report may differ from one credit reporting agency to another, and you cant be sure which credit history was used to generate your credit report. Some lenders use data from all three credit bureaus. To be safe, check your credit report with the primary consumer credit bureaus at least once a year.Normally, you can get a free copy of your credit report from each of the bureaus once every 12 months at during the pandemic, however, you can access these reports once a week. Checking your credit report can help prevent identity theft. If you notice anything odd, such as a new account you dont recall opening, it could indicate someone is trying to get credit in your name.

Is Experian a reliable company to check your credit score?Is it worth it to pay for Experian?

Experians free CreditWorks Basic service provides plenty of tools to help monitor your credit and get alerts that could indicate suspicious activity. However, if you want to track your credit reports and scores from all three credit bureaus, are extremely concerned about identity theft, or are planning to apply for a large loan , paying for Experians services may be worth the cost.

What is the most used credit bureau?

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