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Credit Score Needed For Discover Card

Is The Discover It Card A Good Credit Card

Credit Scores and Reports 101 (Credit Card and Loan Basics 2/3)

Yes, the Discover it® Cash Back is a good credit card for those who are seeking to maximize their rewards and take advantage of all the Discover card benefits. Be sure to look at the Discover rewards calendar before committing to this card to ensure your spending habits align with the rotating Discover card rewards.

Discover It Cash Back Vs Citi Double Cash Card 18 Month Bt Offer

The Citi® Double Cash Card offer lets you Earn 2% on every purchase with unlimited 1% cash back when you buy, plus an additional 1% as you pay for those purchases. Due to the uncapped high rewards rate of the Citi® Double Cash Card , big spenders will gain greater value from this card over the Discover it® Cash Back card.

How Many Discover Cards Can You Have

You can have two Discover cards at the same time, not including other accounts you are an authorized user on. You can also only activate a Discover card one time per year, so youll have to own a card for at least that long before applying for another. Before opening a card, you can check online to see if you prequalify for a Discover credit card.

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Best For Students: Discover It Student Cash Back

The Discover it® Student Cash Back is basically a student version of the Discover it® Cash Back. You’ll earn the same 5% cash back on up to $1,500 spent in rotating quarterly bonus categories after activation, then 1%. You’ll also earn 1% cash back on everything else you buy .

If you’re a student with little or no credit history, check out our guides to the best credit cards for students and best starter credit cards. You can also read about why some parents add their children as authorized users to give their credit scores a boost.

There aren’t many student credit cards that come with an introductory APR, but the Discover it® Student Cash Back offers a 0% intro APR for 6 months on purchases, followed by a 16.74% – 25.74% Variable APR. You might want to take advantage of this if you have big expenses, like textbooks or dorm decor, that you can’t pay off all at once.

% Cash Back In Rotating Categories

FICO® Credit Score for free

You would be hard-pressed to find a card with no annual fee that earns more than 5% cash back in bonus categories, which for the Discover it® Cash Back have recently included things like gas stations, grocery stores, restaurants, and more.

If you max out the 5% rotating quarterly category rewards each year on this card that is, if you activated and spent up to $1,500 in those categories each quarter all year you would earn $300 in bonus cash back, plus 1% back on every other purchase. For many shoppers, those lucrative ongoing rewards make this card a keeper.

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What Credit Card Do I Qualify For

The credit cards you qualify for depend on your credit score, your credit history and your income. People with high credit scores, a positive credit history and high income will have no trouble getting approved for any credit card. If you have a low credit score, missed payments and low income, you may be more limited in the type of card you can be approved for.

Discover It Cash Back Credit Card

The Discover it Cash Back card rewards members with cash back on each purchase. Cardholders can earn up to 5% cash back on qualifying purchases and 1% cash back on all other purchases. Discover matches all the cash cardholders earn in their first year of membership as a bonus.

Like all Discover cards, the Discover it Cash Back card has no annual fee and flexible rewards redemption options. Cardholders can customize their credit cards by choosing one of the 25 available card designs.

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Try Reconsideration As A Last Resort

In the event you are rejected due to inaccurate or erroneous information, you can try calling Discover and asking for a re-evaluation of your application. Use the number below to reach Discover customer service:


Though not guaranteed to work, by any means, explaining your situation to a person who can look at your report firsthand may get you an approval. Remember to remain polite during the call, though, or youll likely be stuck fishing for another card.

What Else Do I Need To Get Approved For A Discover Credit Card

The BEST Credit Cards You NEED At Every Credit Score (2022)

Theres no guarantee that you will be approved for a credit card, regardless of how high your credit score is. Your credit score is probably the most important factor when considering your credit application. However, Discover also considers other factors such as your income, debt, and any negative items on your credit report.

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Best For Balance Transfers: Discover It Balance Transfer

If you’re carrying high-interest balances on other credit cards, it can make sense to transfer your balance to a card with a 0% introductory APR on balance transfers. The Discover it® Balance Transfer is one of only a handful of cards that offers a long intro 0% APR period and earns substantial rewards.

New cardholders receive a 0% intro APR on balance transfers for 18 months and on purchases for 6 months and the card offers a generous cash-back rewards structure. You’ll earn 5% cash back in popular rotating quarterly bonus categories after enrollment, on up to $1,500 in combined spending , and 1% back on all other purchases .

The card offers the same Cashback Match program as other Discover cards, and there’s also an intro 0% APR on purchases, but for a much shorter time frame .

Read our Discover it Balance Transfer card review to learn more.

Get Even More Protection With Social Security Alerts

If you’re not already a Discover credit cardmember, there’s a good reason to consider becoming one.

Members can now enroll in free Social Security protection alerts to stay on top of potential identity theft threats. When you sign up, Discover monitors your Social Security number and notifies you if:

Your number is found on a risky website, including sites on the dark webAny new credit cards, mortgages, car loans or other credit accounts are opened on your Experian credit report

The benefits can go a long way towards helping you detect and prevent identity fraud. If Discover detects something suspicious, they’ll help you take the next steps to protect yourself against fraud.

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Take The Guesswork Out Of Applying For This Offer

See offers Matched for You instantly.Create a free Experian account now to see your offers.How do you match me?

Weâve done the research so you donât have to. Our technology works directly with financial institutions to match you to the offers from our partners that are right for you, which means you are more likely to qualify for the products that are Matched for You. Our list is more personalized than other sites because we review lender requirements before showing you offers. We find your best matches using things like your credit profile and your spending habits.

Why Should I Check My Fico Score For Free

Discover It Credit Card Credit Score : Free FICO Score from Discover ...

90% of top lenders use FICO® Credit Scores, including Discover. Thats why Discover provides a FICO® Score instead of any other type of . Lenders will use your credit score to determine your credit risk and you can use your score to help prepare for the future, stay on top of your credit or avoid surprisesso its a good idea to review your score regularly.

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Discover It Business Card

This no-annual-fee, no-frills business card offers an unlimited 1.5% cash back on all purchases, which Discover will match at the end of your first year. Thats not all that exciting by itself, but high-spending businesses can use the first-year cash-back match to essentially earn 3% back on all their purchases without spending any extra time or effort on their card strategies. Discover also offers a number of management tools that businesses will appreciate, such as up to 50 free employee cards and the ability to easily download transactions into Quicken, QuickBooks and Excel.

What Credit Score Is Needed For The Discover It Balance Transfer

The Discover it Balance Transfer card is for consumers with a FICO credit score in the good to excellent range. This means your credit score will need to be between 670 and 850 to qualify for this card.

However, your application is more likely to be accepted if you have an excellent FICO credit score , so its helpful to raise your score as much as possible before applying. This will also help you get a variable APR on the lower end of the cards range after the zero-interest period is over.

Even though having an excellent credit score will make qualifying easier, other factors besides your overall credit score are considered. These include level of income, payment history and revolving credit.

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Suggested Credit Cards For Average Credit:

3 Best Credit Cards For BAD Credit or NO Credit (INSTANTLY APPROVED)

If you have OK but not great credit, Capital One should be your first stop for a new credit card. Capital One is a major card issuer that has some cards well-suited for consumers with average but not-quite excellent credit. Because theyre such a big bank, Capital One has lots of great cards and you may be able to upgrade your card as your credit improves.

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Best For No Credit: Discover It Secured

Discover will match all the cash back you’ve earned at the end of your first year, automatically.

Allows upgrade to unsecured card Yes
10.99% for 6 Months
Rewards Earning Rate Earn 2% cash back at gas stations and restaurants on up to $1,000 in purchases each quarter. Plus, earn unlimited 1% cash back on all other purchases.
  • Why We Chose This Card

We selected the Discover it Secured card as the best card option from Discover for consumers with no credit or bad credit, as it considers applicants with those credit profiles, and its security deposit requirement starts as low as $200. Discover will automatically review accounts for eligibility to graduate to a non-secured card in as little as eight months with on-time payments.

  • Outstanding rewards for a secured credit card

  • Cash-back is matched at the end of the first year

  • Discover reviews your account after a period of responsible usage to determine eligibility for transition to an unsecured card

  • No annual or foreign transaction fees

Read the full Discover it® Secured credit card review.

Discover It Cash Back Vs Discover It Chrome

Since the Discover it® chrome carries the same welcome offers and low fees, the Discover it Cash Back versus Discover it chrome debate boils down to reward consistency. The Discover it chrome card may be a more manageable choice since you can rely on its 2 percent cash back at gas stations and restaurants, but that rate is limited to $1,000 in combined purchases per quarter across those categories. All other purchases earn 1 percent, similar to the Discover it Cash Back.

Although the Discover it chrome appears to offer steadier rewards, its categories spending cap limits the cards cash back potential compared to the Discover it Cash Back. Based on the budget from the first-year versus ongoing value table above, the Discover it Cash Back card would earn $399 per year while the Discover it chrome card would scrape by with $205 per year. Keep in mind that this significant rewards difference also affects your first-year cash back match bonus, meaning the Discover it chrome cards welcome offer is worth $194 less. So although the Discover it chrome appears more reliable, the Discover it Cash Back is a much more valuable card to have in your wallet.

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Discover It Secured Credit Card: Credit Builder With Great Cash

You’ll need to secure a deposit to activate this account, but its cash-back rewards rival those of traditional credit cards.

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% Bonus Cashback Calendar

How I Got a 793 Credit Score After Maxing Out My Credit Cards in ...

One of the best Discover it® Cash Back features is that cardholders can earn 5% cash back on everyday purchases at different places each quarter like, grocery stores, restaurants, and gas stations, up to the quarterly maximum when you activate. Plus, earn unlimited 1% cash back on all other purchases – automatically

The following table outlines the Discover card cashback calendar for 2023, which includes the 5% bonus categories for the Discover it® Cash Back. Lining up your spending with this calendar is essential to maximizing the rewards you earn. Most of the time, you will be better off using another credit card to pay for purchases that arent a part of a 5% category at any given time.

Discover rewards calendar

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Should You Get The Discover It Cash Back Credit Card

Yes, you should get the Discover it® Cash Back card if youre willing to put in a little work to keep track of the ever-changing Discover it categories to earn rewards. There are few cards that can rival the value Discover offers in your first year.

However, a major drawback of this card is its limited acceptability internationally. If youre traveling abroad, its best to bring another cashback card along with you just in case.

How To Increase Your Chances Of Getting Approved For A Discover Card

Getting approved for a credit card requires a little planning. Most credit card offers require very good credit. So, when applying for new credit, its essential to know your credit scores and whats on your credit reports.

Discover wants to see a strong credit history, steady income, and low credit utilization. If youre using too much of your existing revolving credit, its a sign that you may not pay them back. Youll also want to make sure you havent applied for too much credit in the recent past. Having too many credit inquiries can lessen your chances of getting approved.

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Discover It Miles Card

The Discover it Miles credit card is the perfect option for applicants who enjoy traveling. The card rewards members with 1.5 miles for every dollar they spend there are no quarterly or annual limits to the rewards they can earn.

Cardholders can redeem miles for travel rewards. They can use them to shop on , pay for a statement credit or even convert them on PayPal. Theres no annual fee, and Discover matches cardholder rewards at the end of their first year of membership.

Getting Your Free Fico Score From Discover

How To Get Perfect 850 Credit Score for FREE

Checking your FICO score from Discover is pretty easy to do. The first step is creating a free account.

To do that, you’ll need to register and give Discover your:

  • Social Security number

You’ll also need to create a secure password that you’ll use to log in to your account.

Now, the biggest question you might have is: will checking my free FICO score ding my credit?

The answer is no. You can check your own credit report and score as often as you like. It won’t take anything away from your score.

Discover uses your Social Security number to verify your information when you set up your account. This won’t go against your credit score either.

Unlike when you apply for a loan or a credit card, which is a hard hit, Discover’s credit check is a soft pull.

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